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The textbook for this course is an online book on the platform.

The chief advantage of this book is that the reading assignments are integrated with practice problems where you can immediately check whether you have understood what you read.

It is required; there are required assignments each week starting with the first one, so you need to purchase it by the first day of class, Monday, January 9. The cost is $77.

Here’s how to buy it:

  • Create an account at using your UCSB email of the form
  • You’ll see the following. Enter zyBook code UCSBCMPSCW8Winter2023


  • Then, you’ll see the following:


  • For your email address, use an email of the form (not
  • For section, there is a dropdown; please, select TR-Kharitonova (NOT MW-Conrad, since your section needs to match the one that you are enrolled in - see below)


  • For the student ID number, enter your seven digit perm as numbers only (no hyphens!)

It is important to get the email, section and student ID number correct.

  • If you don’t, there may be delays in getting credit for your work
  • Please double check your entries for accuracy, otheriwse, your zyBooks scores will not show up in the gradebook on Gauchospace, resulting in failing the class.