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🔣 Keyboard symbols and their names

⌨️ Keyboard Symbols on the Top Row

From left to right:

SymbolCommon Name in CSOther Names
`BacktickGrave Accent, back quote
!Exclamation MarkExclamation Point, Ecphoneme
@At Signat, at symbol
#Pound SignNumber Sign, Hash, or Octothorpe
&AmpersandAnd symbol
(Open Parenthesisleft parenthesis
)Close Parenthesisright parenthesis
( )Parenthesesround brackets
MinusHyphen, dash, minus sign
+PlusPlus sign
=Assignment operatorEqual, Assignment

⌨️ Keyboard Symbols on the Right Side of the Keyboard

From top to bottom:

SymbolCommon Name in CSOther Names
{Open BraceOpen Curly Bracket
}Close BraceClose Curly Bracket
{ }Curly BracketsBraces
[Open Square Bracket 
]Close Square Bracket 
[ ]Square BracketsBrackets
|Vertical PipePipe
\Back Slashbackward slash
"double quotesQuotation Mark
""Double Quotation Marks 
'single quoteapostrophe, prime
''Single Quotation Marks 
<Less Thanleft angle bracket
>Greater Thanright angle bracket
.Perioddecimal, dot, full stop
/Slash (Forward Slash)Fraction slash, Solidus, Virgule
?Question MarkEroteme

💻 Other Symbols

SymbolCommon Name in CSOther Names
...Ellipsis“dot dot dot”
>>>a Python prompt(triple) angled brackets, chevron
“not equal” sign, inequality Written as != in Python 
“approximately” symbol 

Whenever are talk about indentation, we are referring to the offset that is created using either the Tab key (on the right side of the keyboard) or to the sequence of spaces created using the spacebar (the longest key on the bottom of the keyboard).


Developed by Yekaterina Kharitonova with reference to 1 and 2.

Need to add another symbol?
Email ykk@ucsb (remember to add .edu) with the subject “Keyboard symbol” or submit a Pull Request via Github.