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Course Calendar (Topics and due dates)

See the Schedule and Roadmap suggestions.

In our course, each week covers roughly 1 chapter from zyBooks, so “Week 1” in zyBooks is effectively Chapter 1 and so on.

We have the following course activities that need to be completed in zyBooks on a weekly basis:

  • PA(Participation Activities),
  • CA(Challenge Activities),
  • LA(Lab Activities).

To make sure that you get started with the labs, we have LA Checkpoints, which you will need to submit right after the labs. See more information in the respective FAQ explanation.

Additionally, at the end of each week, you are asked to reflect on your learning journey that week and submit a Reflection linked on Gauchospace. * During the first week, instead of the weekly reflection, you need to submit the Welcome Survey on Gauchospace.

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Weekly Due Dates

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10

Week 1

Introduction to Python 3

Jan 8
Jan 9
Start: PA01, CA01
Jan 10
09:30am Class: First class of the quarter! ✨
Jan 11
Lab sections: First lab sessions 🎊
11:59PM ⏰ Due: ➡️ Post team info on Piazza
11:59PM ⏰ Due: LA01 Checkpoint
Jan 12
09:30am ClassPractice Quiz
Note: the Practice Quiz will not require any studying; it’s literally just practicing the mechanism of taking the quiz to make sure that all of the systems work properly, so you know what to expect the following week.
Jan 13
Jan 14
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA01, CA01
11:59pm ⏰ Due: Welcome survey on Gauchospace

Week 2

Objects, Functions, and Expressions

Jan 15
Start: PA02, CA02
Jan 16
Holiday (no classes)Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Jan 17
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA01
Jan 18
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Jan 19
09:30am Class Quiz
Jan 20
Jan 21
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA02, CA02, Reflection

Week 3

Representing data (Types and Data Structures)

Jan 22
Start: PA03, CA03
Jan 23
Jan 24
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA02
Jan 25
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Jan 26
09:30am Class Quiz
Jan 27
Jan 28
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA03, CA03, Reflection

Week 4

Making decisions in programs (Branching)

Jan 29
Start: PA04, CA04
Jan 30
Jan 31
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA03
Feb 1
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Feb 2
09:30am Class Quiz
Feb 3
Feb 4
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA04, CA04, Reflection

Week 5

Writing reusable, generalizable code (Functions)

Feb 5
Start: PA05, CA05
Feb 6

Deadline to Drop Courses

Feb 7
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA04
Feb 8
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Feb 9
09:30am Class No graded Quiz to enable more practice
Feb 10
Feb 11
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA05, CA05, Reflection

Week 6

Repeating and iterating (Loops)

Feb 12
Start: PA06, CA06
Feb 13
Feb 14
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA05
Feb 15
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Feb 16
09:30am Class Quiz
Feb 17
Feb 18
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA06, CA06, Reflection

Week 7

Lists and Dictionaries

Feb 19
Start: PA07, CA07
Feb 20
Holiday (no classes)Presidents’ Day
Feb 21
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA06
Feb 22
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Feb 23
09:30am Class Quiz
Feb 24
Feb 25
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA07, CA07, Reflection

Week 8

More Advanced Functions and Strings

Feb 26
Start: PA08, CA08
Feb 27
Feb 28
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA07
Mar 1
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Mar 2
09:30am Class Quiz
Mar 3
Mar 4
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA08, CA08, Reflection

Week 9

Storing and Retrieving Data from Files

Mar 5
Start: PA09
Mar 6
Mar 7
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA08
Mar 8
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Mar 9
09:30am Class + Quiz
Mar 10
Mar 11
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA09, Reflection

Week 10

Exploiting self-similarity (Recursion)

Mar 12
Start: PA10, CA10
Mar 13
Mar 14
09:30am Class
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA09
Mar 15
Lab sections
11:59pm ⏰ Due: LA Checkpoint
Mar 16
09:30am Class
Mar 17

Instruction Ends

Mar 18
11:59pm ⏰ Due: PA10, CA10, Reflection